DevRel Carousels

DevRel Carousels are a unique way of involving beginners into DevRel. The major inspiration towards this was the lack of structured knowledge about the field of Developer Relations.

Although being a vast field with companies investing in them heavily, DevRel remains a very ‘hard to get into’ profession, with people just knowing it over the top, even in the presence of some great articles by the awesome folks involved in it. The Carousels serve a unique purpose of educating folks through innovative graphics covering just the essentials of what they need to know.

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DevRel Blog

Blogs are one of the most common ways DevRel knowledge gets shared around the world. While making DevRel Carousels, we realised that specific topics needed additional contextual knowledge, best practices, etc. to benefit a larger mass. The DevRel medium page aims to bring more and more content regularly to incorporate all the best practices possible under a single umbrella!

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DevRel Scribbles

To try something unique we thought to share our notes from different DevRel Talks, Podcasts, etc. with everyone! For us, notes are the best way to make sure to have a record of something we've learnt from a talk. These searchable notes can be an effective way for someone to find great talks to peruse through, learning something new along the way!

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